- XIII International Conference “Solvation and complex formation in solutions”
- X International Conference “Kinetics and mechanism of crystallization”
- International Symposium “Smart materials”
- Young scientists Summer School “Modeling of smart materials”

July 1-6, 2018, Suzdal, Russia


Scope of the Conference Cluster
The scope of the conference includes new branches of material science, such as nanotechnologies, supramolecular and self-organizing processes, molecular electronics, molecular sensing and smart materials. The conference cluster will contribute to solving problems of solvation, complex formation and crystallization, occurring as a result of the action of external stimuli, such as nanopores and any other confinement, electromagnetic fields, high and low parameters of state, and co-solvent concentration. The progress in solvation and complex formation research is the basis for better understanding of the complex physico-chemical problems at the nanoscale level. On the other hand, the study of the new effects in nanotechnologies opens new horizons in the physical chemistry of solvation, complex formation and crystallization.
Despite the evident success of the modern material science, the structure of molecular fluids and polymers confined in nanopores, and the effect of external stimuli and state parameters on the structure, dynamics and conformational properties of molecules have not yet been studied well. The conference cluster is aimed at better understanding of such fundamental phenomena and opening of new opportunities for their use in modern technologies.

The tentative sections of the Conference Cluster:

XIII International scientific conference "Solvation and complex formation in solutions"
-Structure and dynamics of molecular and ion-molecular systems in solutions and on the interface
-Solutions in nanopores and other confinement
-Solutions under action of electromagnetic fields and extreme conditions
-Cooperative dynamics in solutions and self-organizing problems

X International scientific conference "Kinetics and mechanism of crystallization. Crystallization and materials of new generation" 
-Fundamental basis of crystalline materials design
-Functional and construction materials of the new generation
-Multi-component molecular crystals: cocrystals, polymorphism and design of novel materials for medical

 International symposium "Smart materials"
-Stimuli responsive polymers and polymer brushes
-Electroactive materials
-Macrocyclic functional materials
-Molecular sensing

The summer School "Modeling of smart materials"